Deedee, how to improve my presentation? Why does it sound boring whenever I do it?

Things you need to do intensively before the d-day:

1. Keep projecting what you wish to see as audience.

2. Practice the presentation as you would expect how the outcome will be.

3. Do it, again, again, again.

4. Master your presentation material. Do not read. Your audience can read.

5. Focus on varying your volume and power of voice to impact, practice your voice projection.

6. Practice pause for effect and withdrawing attention. Engage.

7. Practice your emphatic gestures. Stand up right, show your energy.

8. Practice how and where to move on a stage.

9. Practice doing a bit of animation; face expression, funny or extra mile gestures. It’s great.

10. Select right outfit.

On the d-day:

1. Get a glace of your stage, calculate fast your space to move, move around appropriately.

2. Make sure the stage is safe for moving around and doing your action.

3. Get a chance to greet or build a conversation with few people in the room.

4. Breath well, warm up, warm up, warm up.

5. Do not play safe, a little bit of extra mile will give you unexpected result.

6. While you talk, if one or two people give a response — Pay attention and reply.

Remember, even a great presenter will face rainy days if they do not practice regularly.

What about you?

– With morning light, Deedee –