I am loosing my motivation. I have no idea why I am taking all these responsibilities. These activities are not interesting anymore. I feel like I wanna go away.

You cannot just leave everything behind, running away from your commitment.

When your focus is all about others or something else, you forget you inside. That sweet human that needs a life balance.

Schedule time to free from all of those activities. Share no excuses. Use that time to do something different that is not related to any of these responsibilities nor activities. Relax your brain. Meet friends, hang out, read books you like, get a holiday, do your hobby. They can boost your mood, change your perspective and give you a sense of optimism to move forward.

Restore your hope.

Hope will bring you that energy. This energy will drive you back to your path and see clearer road ahead with purpose. Find the reasons why you are there. Pursue something that bring out the best in you. That way you will enjoy the journey and the process. Earn it.

You don’t have to be alone and feel you can do everything, be best of anything. It doesn’t work that way. Get a support. Find an accountability friend to help or a mentor to support you take actionable steps. Let this right collaboration challenge, engage and evoke a sense of accomplishment in you.

Let that energy keeps flowing, and return your sense of optimism to move forward. You, one hundred percent!

– Deedee –