I stumbled upon words from Gustave Flaubert, “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.”

It pushes me thinking that I am still on the right track for doing this for years. It feels good to know that I am not alone.

I am a regular worker with a three-four (so far I can remember) job who enjoys going out with beloved ones or meeting friends in a little spare time whenever I can. I am accustomed to travelling 2-4 hours for work and home everyday. Sounds a waste of time, but I have friended with these boring hours. That makes a boring me when I am with nobody. I have managed to keep my smiles up facing these; going through traffic, hearing horn in busy hours, listening to news or music that are being repeated, complaints from my driver because of careless vehicle passing him, bad calls, bad outside view, etc. These many things running are not something we wish to experience, they are boring. And what do I do facing them? Breath, silence, and calm.

I won’t be upset if you disagree with me. It is a free choice. It is the truth. You and I are not super human either. We are the ones who know ourselves better than the others. We decide what best for ourselves. As for the result? The nature will help us to present it. Do you think that you have gotten what you wish for? Well, it seems I do.

How do I do that? Be boring when I am with nobody. It helps me save my energy. I cannot drive 140km/hour all the time. I strategize to save my energy and do know how and when to use it. I don’t want to waste it on other stuff that does not increase my value. I use my eagle eye (not two but four :)) to see when it is mostly used. I have my switch button ready whenever I need to push it. It helps me performing my extra mile onto my work. Especially if I have to face more than few people, even hundreds of them.

Creativity takes a lot of energy, so, make sure we have it when it is needed. Keep the boring you in your pocket, size your box. Then let the awesome you out without a limit.

Be big, be charming, be energized…

Are you with me?