When was the last time you write something? Simply, when was the last time you posted something on your social media and wrote a meaningful caption?

Was the caption meant for you or for the readers (your friends/followers)? If it was for the later one, you might just write one time and will see no more meaningful and impactful words written days, months, years after. Why so? Because you write for them, not for you.

This is what trouble you the most:
You will keep trying to write what they want to read (you will get stuck and stop) instead what you actually feel. What you actually have experienced that you could relate, be able to inspire, interest and influence more people.

Write, write, write. Practicing keeps you sharp. Ask for inputs, comments from few friends for a start. Excel. Write again, make those words line up without even being asked. This will only happen if you practice again and again.

Connect to yourself more. Collect your experience, recall, write.

I am not talking something that is too personal to write. It is not! You should stop writing on personal things, and better choose more generic topics that more people can relate to. Trust me, it’s not a rocket science. I was there, still am in fact. But for now, I still want to write and keep practicing it.

Are you with me? 😉

– With my afternoon, Deedee –