Untill the age of 17, I grew up as a shy and not confident young girl. I never believed I was good at something if not many things. Added to it was unhealthy environtment that confirming I was that young girl with poor skills.

I was good at painting before, but that wasn’t counted as an awesome skill back then. Not fancy for a student life.

I didn’t notice that I was actually good at my Bahasa Indonesia (my country’s national language taught in school). I loved writing and liked everything related to it. My score was always at the top rank. Still it didn’t make me a better and confident teenager. I kept hiding and even didn’t try to step higher. It was all stopped at school examination.

When I finally finished my high school, I accidentally took an English course. I fell in love, it seemed that it was the missing dot to complete my journey of enjoying learning languages. I found my liking to learn something new, a foreign language that later becoming the other gate taking me to a wild and awesome journey.

By time, my confident grew. I studied hard and harder. I met new friends and found out that when I switched my environtment and it came right, I could feel their acknowledgement. More, I could see them, the PEOPLE that I hanged out with. These people, used to be hidden by roads! That was because I always placed my sight looking down to the roads and NOT the people. I was too shy, and feeling useless to be around.

With this new environtment, I was seen, I was that good they said. By this, I was indirectly encouraged to reshape my journey, my plan, my gut, my steps and many more that led me to a better world.

Long short story…

At my 18 years of life I finally believed I was awesome at one or few things. I was acknowledged. My existence was important to some people! Where was I for this long?…

I started to believe doing good at something was not because you were born with it. It is all about finding it, working with it, and taking it serious to its unlimited level. That comes with a motivating environment and supporting people surrounded. They won’t come like magic, they need to be found too.

Our next step is to master that skill so it can lead us to open many doors of opportunities. I am the witness of who I am today.

What about you?

Excellent isn’t born, it is earned.

For little me