Just days ago, I received this message:

The true beauty of teaching is when you’re able to see your students grow and become a great person. For almost 5 years I’ve known you, it is such a great journey. A journey that I can’t buy because it’s priceless.

I am who I am today, because of you, Deedee! All the experience that you’ve shared, all the knowledge, discipline and firmness. A great person with brilliant mind and creative ways to make sure your student, me, accelerated to the next level. It’s all you. I’m such a lucky person, so lucky that I encountered you on the first National Conference of XLFL and got myself learned hard right away.

For me, it is such an amazing journey that we shared together, thanks for being awesome!

Happy Teacher’s Day, Deedee Chantique!

Cheers for an even greater and awesomer journey! HANDHUG!!

When a passing day struck us with a message like this, we could have just dropped in tears.

Years passed, but that touch of ours are still heavily attached to our mentees. We don’t need it, in fact, since working in education is a mind and heart journey. It’s so abstract that we cannot see its shape like we see buildings and roads. But we have made our commitment to throw away the key and focus to build the human inside.

It will never be easy like we drive in a smooth sunny road in spring with our car window opened. Nevertheless, we keep on driving, facing windy, rainy, stormy, and rocky roads. We need to be ready for every season that comes.

We engage a lot with the people. With their feeling, characters, stories, and most of all, their memories. The way they captured every step we make to ‘shape’ them. We know how a memory works, how a memory built.

This is the reason why education is a life journey. Why the people involve attached to each other, though distance and time will surely take place in between. This is because every memory made can be recalled at anytime our mentees want and feel our influences that have contributed to who they are today.
So my fellow educators, let’s make sure we invested right and memorable