Few days ago, I had the chance to meet a good friend of mine for dinner. We just made that appointment without even setting an agenda of what we’re going to talk about. The appointment made because we accidentally encountered days before. That simple.

We chose our dinner and started our conversation. From a cheezy start until it went up to a place far in the corner of Earth. In between the talk, the feeling of content sneaked in to my heart. I just felt happy. Somewhere in the talk, I could see, again, my friend as a whole person. I imagined words to add and place in sections of my dictionary of friends.

We exchanged news of our life. We were catching up to each other, nothing fancy.

That two-hour meeting was wonderful, extraordinary. It has brought me to my existence as somebody’s friend. Somehow I felt blessed. The talk, the funny-serious-mad expression, the laughters, and the rush of who won to pay its bill.

It’s always easy to say that we have friends or we are somebody’s friends. But it won’t be easy to find out whether the feeling or action are mutual or else. Friendship today knows no boundaries. It might stretch out miles or just few feet away.

The question is what do we do to maintain that friendship, and what do we do to keep it interesting?

It’s easy for us to be drawn in our day-to-day job, easy for us to avoid meeting people that exist out of our work circle. We can find reasons to say ‘no‘ to meet them. It’s all about doing awesomeness in our business life. Our extra miles, or extra cash? Hmmm.

To those that we so called good friends or best friends, when was the last time we say ‘hello’, through a text message, a phone call, or a face to face talk? When that ‘hello’ became ‘how are you doing?’ And more two-way expressions afterwards.

We can start thinking to qualify our friendships too, not just a boring hello nor an uninteresting talk. The energy, the creativity to make it more withdrawing is the same like we want to achieve awesomeness in our work. The result surely different, but the feeling? We can just find it similar. Happy.

So, when was the last time you called a good friend? …

The answer is for you to write.