How well do we know about ourselves? Let’s turn our brain on.
We conciously aware that we always compare ourselves to others. We have that ability to see and reduce the value of ourselves. We tend to unconciously see that the good sides in us are just not enough.
This happens for years and on. Until our brain set and framed that is who we really are. Eventually we live and ‘accept’ that ‘person-designed’ as the right and normal character built in us. Further, we can simply deny people saying that’s not who we are. We can go even deeper about this person and feel normal about it.
The thing that we keep forgetting is we are also given the ability to see when things are wrong and not right. We can see and feel symptoms, we can see and feel ways out. This is called perception. A self perception is important. A self perception is a self characterizing process. None is built as it is. There is always a trigger and a start to make it work.
If we knew that we were not good at one thing, we could have taken more effort and energy to minimize the damage when we finally did it.
We could have designed the way out better, not necessarily perfect. We could have taken more steps, not just given up.
Stand at two sides. Get the balance, work on the process to reach the goal. Project ourselves and make it run. At early stage, avoid saying that others can do better. So can we. Build that perception in us. Pour our energy on it and arrange how we use it.
Our brain is designed to be able to analize ourselves. But this practice surely takes time. Don’t time ourselves, just do it and make it work. Get more evidence and creativity. Throw away shyness. Be bold, welcome failure to seek out what it is needed to be improved inside.
It is good to seek for a support and a guide to strengthen the process and increase the level of our self perception. It is necessary. It is important.