That sweet voice was suddenly weakening, she was crying a little. I stopped for a while and let her get her moment. I could hear she was trying to hide her sadness.

When I was that young, I think I made that cry too. Funny to think about it now. What a waste of time. What a wrong move I made.

How many of us wish to be someone else? Look like someone else? Get what they get? But forgot to think what lies behind those wishes, those we see?

She was crying because she thought she was not as good as her other friends. She had not achieved things like her other friends achieved. She mirrorred herself to others and felt she wasn’t trying hard, had not worked that hard, even harder.

While at the same time, she told me on how she was struggling taking care of her family, juggling her life between study, campus activities, some programs she followed, and the family she needed to take care and prioritize.

For a young girl like her, well, that’s above than an average. I salut her, in fact. I could have done the other way around.

When she told me the reasons why she cried, she mentioned few of her friends I also knew who had achieved this and that and been known in her entire campus corner. She was that sad. ‘I could be better than them’, she said.

She forgot that her shoes are just the right size for her, and the others’ shoes she mentioned are just right for them. They are not for mirrorring. Not for that mirroring.

We cannot put ourselves into somebody else’s life. We can see to learn and get inspiration, but we cannot claim the right that we have to have theirs.

We are given the life for us to work on, to prepare things before opportunities come. To give our endlessly effort time by time, and channel it right. We are the ones who need to give ourselves appreciation better to what we do, will do, and have done. We, the ones who own our lives, so live with that bumps along the way, welcome consequences, and learn to receive rejections. It’s life!

We are not given ‘that mirror’ to be alike to others, but to learn, get inspirations, and measure better. We are the ones who know how much we have and are able to maximize our capability, responsibilities, and many others. To succeed, hardwork is not the only one that matters, there is so much more added to it.

Create our own mirror, make it right. It is us the one that reflects, the one that we must see, not the others. Have faith that all the hardship we are doing will end up being for greater benefits.

Appreciate that the preparations we make today are for calling the opportunities to see us tomorrow. Project what we want, not just imagine it. Don’t make fears and insecurities that ends up holding us back.

Make your mirror reflects you.