One of the effective ways to enforce a self acceptance is to exercise your you 24/7. Meaning, live your life as you breath. Not thinking, wishing, nor pretending walking on somebody else’s life.

So many people got stressed out of their lives because they keep referring someone else’s life that should be theirs. Yet these people never think through what it takes to be in those situations they think they should be. Weird.

Being blindly jealous is seriously killing you. You need to keep the fire in you burning with a control button so you know when and how to enlarge it.

What to take to start then?
1. Set a boundary. Set one single limit you can work out until it is limitless.

2. Practice a willingness to walk as what you are. Practice how much of you that you want to be happy about that later might be recognized by others, it will motivate you. The number made is suppossed to be followed by such doable effort. Increase the degree by time to stay away from boredome.

3. Define your goals, design your way, be consistent, and practice confidence to decide every step needed taken. Do not hesitate to get a help, get mentored in a proper way. Show your effort, provides more records, and earn your short winnings.

4. Create your motivation to push you to the next level. So, whenever you are down, you have a perfect reason to get up and keep moving.

Will they be enough? No.

Remember, again, before you can go any further you need to accept who you are now. Keep this in your mind on and on. Then take a step to leap. Then two steps, three, four, and on.

Often, later in the process, people will push and push you until you are tiring yourself. Before it happens, practice your filter to what and which to take and listen. Put your resistance point right. Even to yourself when you yourself are the one putting you down and making yourself given up.

In life, no matter what you do, how you act, or how kind and genuine you might be, some people will love you and others will hate you. Be the one that holds the love to yourself first. Juggle the hate to keep you real. It can be good to feel it once a while to make your feet on the ground.

Make your life more fun, more constructive, more meaningful to yourself before for others. These should be making you enormously rich in heart and soul. You and your Plus 1.

Deedee — Before midnite thought.