Not few but too many I heard people I met become so negative about themselves or something. It is easy to fall into this situation. We are occupied with endless stream of thoughts that run through our head everyday. We color them sometimes. And the red ones (read: bad ones) suck our time and energy too much. But why do we keep being negative even if it is tiring and taking us nowhere?

It is because we let this negativity stay. We make no effort to combat it.

The way we think empowers the way we act. If the thoughts that run through our head are mostly negative, we are more likely pessimistic. This will shut down biggest part of our energy and creativity to find solutions to our problems.

Rather than spend a lot of time blaming yourself or even blaming others, you can simply acknowledge that something is not right, it did not run well. Step up, get a paper or digital note to write something and make things better.

Gather your positive thoughts, draw more energy to make you feel in control of this disadvantage situation and manage to see things much clearer.

Challenging? Of course, it is life we breath. The choice is ours, breath well or breath hard, either way, both will come. Choose the first one then. Help yourself to minimize your loss. Find the positivity in you to help you.

Being positive and optimistic involves an open mind. When you can make it work well, viewing problems, shortcomings, mistakes, or difficulties will be just challenges you need to respond, not to run away from.

So, give yourself a start to become more positive about you and the problems that follow
. Don’t stop with one or two trial, use law of repetition, make it as a habit. Give yourself an appreciation, even if it is simply a fist and a ‘yes’ word you say. Feel the power, feel it run through you.