It is funny to imagine if you keep telling that you have good or best friends but show little effort to be one. Either you are just being lucky to still be friended with them or it is you trying that hard to be around with cold heart.

When your good or best friends’ loves are showered on you, shower back. Don’t make yourselves weak or selfish by enjoying the gift, attention, or treat only. Even if you have less, you can still do more. Friendship can offer us more than just a treat, support or good time. Find things to do that you’re able to participate equally. Find your power and influence, your good act to contribute building the relationship. One sweet reminder, don’t be afraid to splash some cash on the friendship, while being frugal is also considerable.

The truth is friendships can sometimes be expensive (read: take a little more than we regularly spend); dines out, movies, travels, hours on phone, or more. These activities can be great ways to tighthen the relationship. It will add some more fun and a little silliness to make more smiles in your heart and on your face that you will remember for the rest of your life.

A long-lasting friendship is another life achievement too! Make one…

My afternoon with a book of memory.