I am often asked on how I keep being energized to things I do, esp. all activities related to my day to day work, trainings, mentoring, meeting new people, on call discussion, and sharing on my social media. Be assured that these activities are not a-one-time base, they are repeated. I could have fallen into boredom and it is perfectly all right. But then I choose not to let it take control. The option is on me to decide. I have decided to keep on my self-compassion training and practice my sense of purpose, to go beyond its meaning.

Practicing self-compassion is not easy but definitely do-able. It is not merely about what we can take but what we can give. Our everyday smile and sincere greeting is the simplest way to practice our self-compassion.

Self-compassion can be found in the way we build and connect ourselves to our surroundings, our social connections.

This way can provide practical and emotional support to us. This way can reduce the effects of fatigue, stress and trauma. This way has supported me a lot to build bridges to myself and surroundings.

Friended with the time, it is hoped that this self-compassion will always give us balance and own happier state-of-mind.

— A little note before my lunch time —